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  • Email Assistance

    Your Virtual Assistant (VA) will be able to send emails on your behalf. VA's can act as your personal marketer sending emails to prospects on your behalf or as customer support agent answering customer inquires.

  • Lead Generation

    Face it finding qualified leads can be a time consuming. Let your VA find the leads for you based on your instructions, targeting specific demographics and interest groups.

  • Social Media Managment

    Feeling overwhelmed with social media tasks? Let your VA post on our behalf, answer customer inquires, and engage your fans.

  • Data Management

    Let your VA handle tasks like database entry, spreadsheet updates, CRM updates, and more.

  • E-commerce

    Need products added on your backend, information updated on your pages, orders managed, or pricing changed. Your VA can help.

, Virtual Assistant Services, Become Digital Today


Virtual Assistants can handle your tedious day to day activities such as data entry, appointment scheduling, appointment setting, contact management, social media tasks, customer support, and back office administrative task.

Our Virtual Assistants are  fully vetted skilled individuals, who must meet certain criteria before they can begin work. This would include fast and stable internet connections, reliable computer, and a work environment conducive to productivity. 


, Virtual Assistant Services, Become Digital Today

1. Fill Out Our Form

Let us know how we can help, by filling out the needs assessment form.

2. Meet Potential Candidates

We will vet potential candidates and provide you with recorded introductions and resumes. Once you pick one that you find is the best fit, we will set up a meeting so you can meet your new VA. Upon a successful meeting a begin work order form will be sent to you for signing.

3. VA Begins Work

We provide your VA all the tools they need to be successful and for you as an employer to monitor your VA's productivity. Activities will be posted through trello, time will be monitored through clockify or a software of your choosing, and dialing software will be provided.

Frequently Asked Questions

, Virtual Assistant Services, Become Digital Today

How much does it cost

Our standard VA rate is minimal and is based off of scope of work. This rate includes everything associated with your new Virtual Assistant. 

What if i don't like My Virtual assistant

Should your VA not perform to your standards or under perform, they will be coached to be more productive. If they still do not improve, Become Digital Today will introduce you to another candidate.

How Do I Pay

Payments should be sent bi-weekly on the 15th and 30th of each month via Paypal or direct deposited (should you pay via wire transfer, payments should be sent 3 days prior to allow international transfer.)

Are there any start up fees

Upon signing up clients should provide at least two weeks pay in advance for their VA. Should they not be satisfied with their VA then this money will be returned to them. 

CAn my VA work Full Time or Part Time

Our VA’s are flexible when it comes to hours and schedules. We will try to find someone who best accommodates your needs.

Is there a contract

Agreements between Become Digital Today and VA employers is on a month to month basis. However should the employer wish to terminate their services, they will be required to provide Become Digital with at least a 30 day written notice. 

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, Virtual Assistant Services, Become Digital Today
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