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  • 24/7 Support

    Provide your customers with quick always on support from an automated bot programmed to answer all of your incoming inquiries.

  • Lead Generation

    Bots bring your potential customers through a series of questions meant to entice them to interact with your brand and capture their information.

  • Broadcast

    Build your subscriber list and send a message to all of your bot followers with a high click thru rate.

  • Analytics

    Comprehensive overview of how your customers are interacting with your bot, whose interacting, and where your bot is struggling.

  • Natural Language Processing and Bot training

    Make your bot more interactive through NLP and bot training, to give your customers a streamlined interactive experience.

, Chatbots, Become Digital Today


A chatbot is an automated response system (many will say it‘s AI, this is not yet true) that interacts with your customers via messenger channels. It can display text, videos, buttons, and pictures to interact with those speaking with it.

Bots are the ultimate tool to ensure that your customers are always answered and your sales funnels remain full. 


, Chatbots, Become Digital Today

1. Fill Out Our Form

Let us know how we can help, by filling out the needs assessment form.

2. Needs Assesment

We contact you to better understand your bot needs and how we can create a comprehensive solution that will work for you.

3. Testing and Rollout

We begin work on your bot and work hand and hand with you. We tweak your bot to ensure it is up to your standards and give your customers a winning experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

, Chatbots, Become Digital Today

How much does it cost

Cost is dependent on the size of your bot and the intended scope.

How long does it take to make a bot

Depending on the scope we can typically have your bot ready for deployment within 2-4 weeks time.

Our there monthly fees?

Once your bot is deployed their are no initial fees. Once your bot grows to a large number of subscribers, you will need to pay a fee based on the amount of subscribers.

Is there a Warranty?

Should you experience any issues with your bot due to build or technicalities, Become Digital Today will fix the issue for free up to 90 days.

Ready to create your bot?

, Chatbots, Become Digital Today
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