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How to tell your brand’s story?

It is getting really crowded in the customers minds. Every other brand is trying to impress its potential customers that it is indeed the one

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10 Questions to Ask Before Building your Website

So finally, you have decided to create or update your website. It was anyways a high time you did that. Looking at the way customer behavior, technology and other competitive scenario is changing today, it is important first to have a website and second, to keep it updated with times.

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The Modern Rules of Digital Marketing

In 1967, when Prof. Philip Kotler first published his legendary book Marketing Management: Analysis, Planning and Control, little did he think about including digital marketing in it. However, while the basic principles of marketing as prescribed by Prof. Kotler still remain true, certain new rules of the game have emerged, specifically for the Digital marketing.

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10 Things Your Boss Needs To Know About Digital Marketing

So, finally you were able to convince your boss to get on-board the digital train which has already started accelerating at a break-neck speed. Now is the time to introduce him to some basic digital marketing principles that will enable your organisation to succeed in the digital world and also allow you to score some brownie points in return!

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Case Study: Palaya Natural Farms

Palaya Natural Farms the second largest dragon fruit producer in the Philippines created a majestic resort-style getaway on their farmland. They were wanting to increase

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Case Study: Drones In the Philippines

We were tasked with generating sales for a drone producer in the Philippines. Due to some issues, they were unable to produce their own e-commerce site. Thus, we had to utilize the sales channels that already existed. Lazada was the top pick as it was the most recognized e-commerce brand in the Philippines at the time.

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