The Modern Rules of Digital Marketing

In 1967, when Prof. Philip Kotler first published his legendary book Marketing Management: Analysis, Planning and Control, little did he think about including digital marketing in it. However, while the basic principles of marketing as prescribed by Prof. Kotler still remain true, certain new rules of the game have emerged, specifically for the Digital marketing.

Become Digital Today: Palaya Natural Farms Case Study

Palaya Natural Farms the second largest dragon fruit producer in the Philippines created a majestic resort-style getaway on their farmland. They were wanting to increase their holiday bookings by using social media and digital awareness. A secondary goal was to push their locally grown dragon fruit to consumers. Become Digital Today was able to work …

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8 Reasons to invest in an Automated Chatbot for your Business

A chatbot can function as your 24/7 customer support agent that can answer customers inquires, suggest answers, and collect information. It doesn’t get tiring, it doesn‘t clock out after a long day, it is an ever vigilant worker. Many bot creator programs like chatfuel.com or manychat.com come equipped with human Passover technology, meaning any time a human can take over the conversation. This means that your customer support force can be a hybrid support model, cutting down the need for human interaction.