Are you Utilizing Alternative Marketing Channels?

The big marketing channels will continue to stay relevant but the growth on other channels is clear. Be sure to eye Snapchat, Medium, Pinterest, Tiktok, and Reddit in your 2020 marketing strategy.

Why Snapchat

According to Kick off Labs Over 75% of snapchat users have purchased within the last 30 days. There is huge potential for ecommerce brands to take advantage of this “ready to buy” market that is made up of younger buyers between the ages of 18-34 who are accustomed to purchasing a majority of their items online already.

Why medium

If you’re writing content on a regular basis it makes perfect sense to have a presence on Medium. Unlike posting on your own site, medium has a large and growing user base with the company stating they experienced 300% growth from last year. If anything Medium will supplement your current blog strategy.

Why Pinterest

Due to the nature of pinterest users are quick to share content with each other and this leads to a large amount of organic reach. A huge benefit of pinterest is its ability to convert buyers with less friction, as they are already visually interested.

Why Tiktok

Tiktok is the perfect platform for influencer marketing and is growing at phenomenal rate with over a billion app downloads. The ability to go viral on Tiktok is huge specially when riding the wave of hashtag challenges.

Why Reddit

Reddit is a great platform for reaching your niche market segment perfectly, it’s probably right in the name of the subreddit! Reddit the perfect place to build a community and utilize AMAs (ask me anything) to connect with your following. 

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